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Contoh Latar Belakang Proposal Terbaru - The moment this is good for women who want to lose weight and regain a slim body. Women will feel more confident in front of her husband while in the bedroom with a beautiful body. 4. The second week (Ovulation): time for great sex evulasi is the period in which the ovary releases an egg ready to be fertilized by sperm. When a woman ovulates sexual arousal increases, Yoedha Com so do the intense sex during ovulation days even more fun than the other days. "At the time of ovulation, women will be more assertive while men would be more possessive," says Steven Gangestad, Ph.D., an evolutionary psychologist from the University of New Mexico. A study in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior also stated that a woman's sexual fantasies are going to skyrocket at day 13 after menstruation.

Chances of fertilization success was also very large at this time, so the couple who wanted to have children, to have sex at this time is very important. 5. Third and fourth Sunday (Preparing menstruation): Increasing stimulus After ovulation, estrogen levels are still high but will also increase the hormone progesterone. This makes women need more stimulation in order to enjoy sex. According to a study in the International Journal of Endocrinology show that increased progesterone levels make women more easily tired. Men need to provide additional stimulus, for example in the form of massage as well as to dispel the tired and ready for sex. Some say two friends who get married will have a harmonious and lasting relationship. In line with this, a new study asserts that the couple who appreciates aspects of friendship in the relationships they will have a better sex life and reluctantly parted.

The conclusion was obtained after a team of researchers from Purdue University, USA asked 190 participants who had a partner to fill out two questionnaires. A questionnaire designed to measure participants' efforts in improving aspects of companionship in marriage relationships as much talking and hanging out with friends, rather than love. Second questionnaire focused on finding out the quality of participants' relationships or how satisfied the participants towards their sex lives and how committed the participants to their relationships when the survey was conducted. Four months later, each participant was asked to answer two questionnaires of the same. As a result, on average, participants lost love, sexual satisfaction and overall commitments. But for participants who uphold the values ??of friendship, the conditions are different because of the magnitude of love, sexual satisfaction and commitment have increased by as much as 19 percent or more. This study also suggests that couples 'friends' with less well chances are separated or divorced. "In fact, our study showed that people who judge sex too high or very important in a relationship are the people least attempt to maintain sexual satisfaction in the relationship," said researcher Christopher Agnew, Ph.D. as quoted from menshealth - Contoh Latar Belakang Proposal Terbaru

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